Who I am

A question I am yet to answer in full, but I will share a little of what I know with you.

I am a psychotherapist, bodyworker, naturopath, herbalist, cook, writer, gardener, forager, lover, mother, musician, sister, daughter, geek and many other things aside. But for my work journey;

I have always had an interest in people, as I find being a human such a wondrously confusing thing to be! My academic pursuits have always been to help me understand myself and others more, and how our health and well-being is interlocked with our physical, social, mental and environmental relationships. 

I found myself disappointed with the level of empathetic care offered  to me with some personal experiences with the medical establishment, so I started on a journey to learn how to bring more empathy to supporting people with their wellness.

Before I started on my journey of working in health, I dipped my toe into studying music, and then early childhood education. After some health issues, I decided that neither of these things were the path for me.

My first training in the field of health was at the Australian College of Natural Medicine (now Endeavour College) where I completed my Advanced Diploma in Naturopathy (inclusive of a diploma of herbal medicine and diploma of nutritional medicine). It was here I learnt more about my body, the impact of the interactions with my environment, and how I could become more responsible for aspects of my health. I learnt how to pass this on to others. 

From there, my interest grew in the body-mind connection and what it means to be human. This fuelled me to study Body-Awareness Therapy with the lovely Madeleine Sewell. Her work with creating safety in touch is almost unparalleled, and she spurred an interest in me that I have spent the rest of my studies deepening.

I went on to study Integrative-mindbody-therapy with Asaf Rolef Ben-Shahar, who has expanded my awareness and curiosity in the realms of safe touch, body-psychotherapy, hypnotherapy and just in being a better human. I share his thirst for aliveness and intensity and I appreciate his love and his input into moulding my work.

I have completed a Bachelor in Health Science with Charles Stuart University Australia which has expanded my interest in neuroscience and biochemistry, so I can continue to keep abreast of the information about the mind in the body. 

I have also trained with the beautiful and grounded Silke Ziehl. Her no-nonsense approach to love, life, relationship and therapy has touched me very deeply as a person. I am in gratitude for her wonderful work,  Deep bodywork and all that she has personally given me with her deep and honest connection. Deep Bodywork is an amalgamation of Postural Integration, Body Psychotherapy and neo-Reichian bodywork. 

I decided to increase my skills as a mental health practitioner, so I completed an MA in Integrative Psychotherapy with the Minster centre

My journey is still unfolding, and I am constantly adding further tools to my toolbox as to enhance myself as a person and a practitioner. 

As well as my private practice I also lecture for various colleges, training's and institutions. My students constantly teach me so much more about myself and my practice as I teach them the tools of the trade. I love their humour, warmth and thirst for knowledge, which reflects my own. May they always push me to keep deepening my love of this work, and ask me more questions that I don't know the answer to, which keeps me humble. 

I am a co-editor of the International Body Psychotherapy Journal (IBPJ) with Nancy Eichhorn, Asaf Rolef Ben-Shahar and Shamit Kadosh. 

I hope that my passion for natural health and connection can continue to unfold, and I have to thank my clients for continually inspiring me with their bravery and healing, and for proving again and again to me all that I believe. 

My Qualifications:

Masters of Integrative psychotherapy and counselling -The Minster Centre and Middlesex University, London

Bachelor of health science (comp. medicine)- Charles Sturt University, Australia

Advanced Diploma of Naturopathy (ACNM) (inclusive of a diploma of nutritional medicine and a diploma of western herbal medicine)

Reiki Master (with Madeleine Sewell, body awareness therapist)

Diploma of Integrative-Mindbody-Therapy 

Diploma of deep bodywork specialising in Postural Integration (Entelia Institute. London)


I am a full member of UKAHPP

I am a full member of UKCP

I am an associate member of the Chiron Association of Body Pyschotherapists (CABP)