Therapy with heart

Thanks for dropping by my website. 

Sometimes we all get a little lost in life. It may be because of illness, shock, emotional trauma, bereavement, mental health issues or a plethora of things that just become too much. Life can become hard, painful, and a little too much to bear. I guess you are here because you may be feeling not as alive as you would like to feel, and  that you are looking for some support to come back home to yourself. 

I practice as a relational body psychotherapist and a naturopath. Strange terms, I know. Essentially I offer therapy for those that are looking for more aliveness, and more ways of being in connection with themselves and others.

I have put this website together to give you more information about myself and the therapies that I can provide. These include psychotherapy, counselling, psychotherapeutic bodywork, naturopathy, herbal medicine and nutritional therapy. 

I find what I do hard to define, but the core essence is I aim to support you to find ways to self-care and self-regulate in times of distress or dis-ease. I hope to help you to cultivate kindness to yourself, in whatever way that might mean for you.

If there is anything you cannot find on these pages, you are welcome to email me.

I look forward to accompanying you alongside your journey back home to yourself.