Health issues

In my experience as a naturopath, psychotherapist and as a person, I have worked with people with many different stories. I am interested in all aspects of health and I am flexible and able to work with people that have different health related issues. 

I am interested in working with your wholeness, not with just the disease.  I do no claim to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease, as I am not a medical doctor,  but I am a qualified  and accredited health practitioner, so I am happy to offer support, information, choice, different views and empowerment for you to make positive lifestyle changes and decisions. I am well informed from research, but where research is lacking I am well versed in the traditional uses of herbs and supplements and therapy- with a good grounding in scientific safety. 

I am extremely happy to dialogue with your medical health practitioner and support you to make the lifestyle changes that evidence has shown to help with. I may even sometimes send you back to your GP to check out any signs or symptoms that concern me.

If you are unsure and want to check with me to see if I have experience with your situation, please email and ask. I promise to match you with a practitioner that will meet your needs if it's not me that can help.