Naturopathy and Herbalism

A naturopath is a  natural health care consultant that can advise you on many aspects of health and wellbeing. Naturopaths differ depending on their modalities that they specialise in and where and how they trained, but ultimately we all adhere to the same naturopathic principles.  These principles are we seek to do no harm, to educate our clients in their own health, to use nature's larder first, to trust in the wisdom of the body and to treat the client as the individual they are: biochemically, emotionally, genetically and structurally

My way with naturopathy is always to ask myself- how can I best support this person to move towards wellbeing? Then I use the tools that best support the person to make an action plan together. It may involve food changes, exercise, using herbs and plants, improving your work-life balance or a plan to tackle some relational issues. The possibilities are really up to you. 

I believe that for all our journey's in life we need support. Sometimes that support may be gentle herbs or nutrition, in other cases it may be surgery or pharmaceutical medicines. I am here to support you by providing you with information and helping you to digest the choices available to you, and being a willing guide and explorer for the journey back towards wholeness.

I use in my practice primarily the tools of:

Herbal medicine, nutritional therapy and counselling, and I work with in an evidence based way where possible. As that is not always the case due to some therapies not having a enough research behind them, I will let you know so you can make an informed choice yourself.

Even though I am trained in many modalities, I would have to say herbal medicine is my strongest. Herbs and plant medicine makes my heart sing, and there is something special in how herbs can both act in a pharmacological way, but also with enough 'magic' to touch something deep inside ourselves.